More Student Scholarship: New Place Papers

Students from “American Environmental History” write “Place Papers,” in the fashion of William Cronon’s assignment. The challenge of the essay is to bring a fresh, historical perspective on a landscape familiar, even dear, to students. Some of the student work has been published in Bucknell’s student journal, Eidos.

  • Alejandro Ramirez de Arellano, “The Sustainable Suburb of the South” (Spring 2015)
  • David Reedel, “The Birth and Death of a Desert Ocean”
  • Jamie Cavrak, “Point State Park: A Catalyst for Environmental Evolution” (Spring 2015)
  • Rebecca Johnson, “Barnegat Light, New Jersey” (Spring 2015)
  • Daniel Beyh, “A River Reborn,” (Spring 2015)
  • Bryan P. Wills, “Silent Docks,” (Spring 2014)
  • Shane Kiefer, “Alvira: A Town Destroyed, A Landscape Forever Altered,” (Fall 2013)
  • Alex Mackay, “Environmental, Social, and Economic Consequences of the Boom-and Bust,” (Fall 2013)
  • Seamus McLaughlin, “The End of the Danbury Fair” (Fall 2013)