The Ethical Dilemma of Hunting by Katie Dwyer

The idea of nature I chose for my website is the ethical dilemma of hunting.

Hunting has changed drastically throughout history in it’s forms, uses, and the culture surrounding it. Hunting is also continuing to change for the future. This website follows these changes from history into the future and challenges all to re-imagine how they view hunting.

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I chose hunting as my idea because as a vegan animal lover, I have always been full-heartedly against hunting, but honestly did not know much about it.  I decided to research hunting a bit so that I could better understand my opposition.  However, rather than my expectation of finding reasons to bad talk hunting for my entire site, I found many conflicting points and actually saw some good to hunting.  I completely rethought how I view hunting and am still struggling with the ethical dilemma I face between not believing in the killing of animals, and the importance that hunting holds in matters I also care deeply about, such as conservation.  I decided to make my site include information about hunting in several retrospects instead so that others may form their own, informative opinions on hunting.

Invasive Species by Sebastiaan Blickman

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Invasive species can have large impacts on our ecosystems. However, many of the invasive species on my site are seemingly common species or are desirable in the form of food or aesthetic appearance. By visiting my site, we will be able to examine these species and their impact and brainstorm ways of managing their populations. And as we realize the extent of the invasive species problem we can work to think about possible dilemmas in the management practices so that the ecosystems of the United States can return to equilibrium because no matter how beneficial, beautiful, or normal these species are to us, we must work to have them removed.


I chose to study invasive species because prior to my research I too had no idea that every day animals and plants in my life are invaders that can hurt our environment and the natives to our ecosystem.

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