Public Scholarship with Students

Educational research identifies undergraduate research and service learning as high-impact educational practices. As countless student-produced exhibits, performances, films, reports, and posters demonstrate, asking those we teach to actually do scholarship–through unique assignments geared toward real, live audiences–transforms their in class work and the meaning they derive from it. For these reasons, public scholarship with students animates our teaching on the environmental humanities and the ways we work with off campus communities to understand the non-human world.

In the Fall of 2014, students in the Bucknell course “Environmental Humanities” developed websites to explore a variety of ideas of nature. Students traced an idea’s history, its changing meaning, its ethical or legal implications, and its enrollment in literature and the arts. Their work ranged from the idea of an invasive species to the philosophy of deep ecology to the role of hunting in the American conservation movement. Click on any of the tags below to peruse their research.  To see a list of all the websites, click here.



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