Pollution by Cat Orientale

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My idea of nature was pollution, which is defined as the discharge of harmful substances that contaminate the air, water or soil. Pollution occurs when substances detrimental to living organisms are introduced into the environment. It can be caused by natural or man-made sources. My website focuses on the environmental contamination that results from human activities. Humans have been degrading the environment for millennia. Increasing industrialization worldwide has contributed to many of the environmental consequences we now face today. My site touches upon the three major categories of pollution, including air, water and soil pollution, each of which pose alarming risks to the global environment.

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I chose this idea because I wanted to educate Internet users on one of the most pressing environmental issues today: pollution. I wanted my audience to explore the different types of pollution and develop a deeper understanding of the global consequences of humanity’s actions. I am very passionate about climate change and wildlife conservation and saw this project as a perfect opportunity to promote environmental awareness about pollution. Visit my website to learn what you can do to minimize the negative impacts of your actions which threaten our planet for future generations. We only have one Earth to live on. Now it’s time that we started acting like it.

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